Bridal Sashes

Satin sashes.

Satin sashes.


Bridal sashes are a beautiful way to add distinction, colour and personalization to your wedding gown.

The collection I have created is based on a need I saw for something different as most of what I came across when looking for a sash was very similar. Some are very colorful and unique, other pieces are a little more traditional. Art Deco inspired, 1920’s/1930’s sashes get a modern twist.

Each sash is hand created and assembled.  I like to use a variety of Swarovski crystals, pearls, rhinestones and vintage pieces to make each piece one of a kind and beautiful.

Lace and satin come together so naturally as well so I tend to favour them in creating the sash and applique portion.




           I am more than happy to custom design a sash for you! Please contact me via the contact form or at, or check out current items for sale here

sash2(An example of some of the beaded sashes I have made.)




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