Bridal Hats & Veils

etsy17FA Birdcage veil, is a short veil. Usually sitting around chin length and enclosing the face, like a birdcage around a bird. This look was initially popularized in the 1920’s and 1930’s. It has certainly found a revival and is a very popular choice for a modern bride.

There are many options for your Wedding Day. Hats, veils,  or a unique headpiece are all wonderful options and can be custom tailored to your preference. Look through the Gallery and see if there is one or a few pieces that speak to you and you can picture wearing on your big day.  Something classic, or something avant garde? It is your day and it is important you have options that make you feel like your personal style is heard.  Like your wedding dress, you know when you have found the right one!

bridal veil1The different lengths of a veil. Choose which one works for you or if no veil, a decorative headpiece is an excellent alternative.

Sometimes it’s not even a veil you want to wear on your wedding day! Sometimes it is a beautiful and elegant piece that speaks to your heart.

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